I’m not perfect

I never said I was

I been there

I done that

I stood for my cause

Crucify me

Cancel my shit

Repent for my sins

Lemme tell you what I wish

I wish I could have been there more for my little brothers

I wish I still had a good relationship with my father

I wish I could back in time and punch that mother fucker 

I wish I had someone back then to say “I told ya”


Lets take this back


Drop it



alright listen up mother fuckers 

This song goes out 

To all my old friends 

Who were never 

Really my friends at all 


Raise a fist 

If you fucking get it

If you’re a victim too

The come and vibe with this shit 


 From the hallways that haunt

All the people that taunt

made a fool out of me 

But I can wait to see 

Who I stand in front of in the end 


Tight jaw motherfucker used to be loud 

You was a bitch then, you still a bitch now 

Prey amongst the weak 


Wish I saw then

What I fucking see now

liking all my shit

Who’s the fuckin bitch now 


You made me carry all 

of This hatred and greed

All the shit that we had

Doesn’t mean shit to me 




From the memories that haunt

All that shit that you thought 

Got passed down 

Got flipped around

Do you see me laughing now 


I fucking hate the way 

Old shit

Old days 

Never fade away  

Ups and downs

Don’t need you then 

Don’t need you now  

I hope one day you hear this

And it makes you fucking think  

The ones I love 

Are the ones who fucking hate me 


Too all my old friends

Fake people too 

I hope you hear this

And know I fucking hate you


Yeah I fucking hate you 


Prey amongst the weak 

Can you honestly say 

You’re who you want to be 

If you weren’t miserable then 

I pray you’re down 

I hope you’re miserable now  



all my life 

The void I seek 

Can it get filled by 

The ones around me 

Mobbin the 503

Crackin a 40 

Holdin it down for me 

Never got what I need 

All along you just moved on 

every time that I think about it 


Tell me what 

Is family 

Cause the one that i got, doesn’t do it for me

Tell me what 

Could I have said 

To ever make things feel like all our yesterdays did 


Set it up 


cuando me cahí, me levantaron

a nadie más le importé, ellos son mis hermanos


Now you care? 

Now you see? 

Black sheep all my life and now you wanna understand me? 


Yeah fuck that shit 

While you talk I fuckin live it 

Shut your mouth and fuckin listen 


Listen to this shit hit 


Yeah that’s just 

Dead fucking crown 


Ellos siempre están aquí, dime ¿donde estás tu?

But look around 

I got all I need behind me 




Take me back 

we only stood knee tall 

Back against the wall

We were there through it all

Forget about our history

Got a new bitch then you up up up and leave

You wanna fuck with me? 


You’re not just fucking with anybody  


Wish I still had you to lean on to 

dont know what real and thats my fucking issue

No shame in that shit 

When my brothers pick me up now 

I know they fucking mean it 


Family and blood

That’s what I was sold 

The greatest fucking lie 

That was ever told 

Family and blood 

That’s what I was sold

The blood in my body that flows 

take it back 

Idon’t want that shit anymore


Take it back 



Take it back 

All the blood that spilt

Our teeth on the ground 

It was us against the world 

We had it all figured out

Take it back 

I wish I could

I wish I fucking could 



Twenty four and I’m jaded 

I’m burnt out and I’m weak

All I do is give give give

And you just take from me

End it all cuz your hopeless

I hope you fuckin do it

I used to have sympathy

But people fuckin abused it


Give nothing

And take all

History repeats itself

No resolve

Good faith is fucking gone

empathy worn out in me

Cause of people like you

Biting the hand that feeds


Low blows

Cheap shots

At the end of it all

My shortcomings

Make you feel so tall 



Give me some peace of mind


Everything and leave me dry


walk on by

what the fuck did you think

Didn’t work all my life 

just To do favors for free

You want my thoughts and opinions

Yeah you fail to listen

Lemme tell you one last time now


rip the skin of my back like i got nothing to show 

If You’re all I have 

I hope I die alone 


Don’t forget this 

When your hands out for more 

I’m done being this 

My thoughts I can’t ignore 

Shove my face in shit 

Feel you look down on me

When it’s convenient for you

Everything I do is free 


You follow me through my city

One sec you tryna fuck with me

Go act tough, and then get shitty

You think I’m stupid huh

While I aint new to this bruh

So don’t act cool next time I fuckin see ya 


Twenty four and I’m jaded 

I’m burnt out and I’m weak

All I do is give give give

And you just take from me

I feel nothing it’s because of you 

This song is to spite you 

I wrote this shit just to spite you



On and on my minds a clock that just never stops 

Been down for six weeks

Count the hours of sleep I never got 


Ask me one time I’ll say 

I’m doing fine 

Ask me two times I’ll say 

I’m doing fine 

Third time you knows a fuckin lie 

Hurt myself just to come alive 


Everyday I awake 

Take a drink numb the pain 

Drop a note make it rain 

But you know shit be fake 

Buy a gun hold it tight 

Keep it on my bedside 

Pull the trigger say goodnight 

Yo what the fuck is this? 


I ain’t sick motherfucker 

But I can’t get outa bed 

You ever feel that barrel 

Get close to your head 

Forget what i said 

Forget what I meant 

Forget bein alive I’d rather be dead



(Always down, always down)

Always down and can’t seem to look up  

I’m all I have to blame 


(Im all I have to blame)

Everyday I feel something different 

But it all just stays the same 


I’ll say I’m doing fine

But I’ll never be okay 


(On and on my minds...)


Man I been down like undergrounnd 

No Tony hawk sittin in the park while it's dark nigga fucked up

Fuck fame money & bitches im fucked up

The definition of failure... tough luck 

Jaded & all I want is my enimies apart 

Blank face blunt mouthed wit a empty heart

Feel like I'm stuck in the sea and all I see is sharks

Cant run away from the pain when all you see is the dark

Stuck in the game, mind gone insane, from the thangs that I got but

Is anger and pain, all that I'll gain when I get to the top

Feelin the highs to get from the lows

I'll never escape that's just how it goes 

Takin a dose to Warm When you froze

Numb from the pain i feel like a ghost

Focus so I'll never fold

But Paranoias got ahold 

Haters keep me on my toes  

This fuckin game Is gettin old

Depression tryna burn me gota get up off the stove

Ain't tryna be another fuckin dead failer story told


(Always down, always down)

Always down and can’t seem to look up  

I’m all I have to blame 


(Im all I have to blame)

Everyday I feel something different 

But it all just stays the same 



Scratched and clawed

Left Blood sweat and tears

Let me tell my story and fuckin make this clear 

Were Comin up Comin up


Way back then 

Got thrown in a van 

Two brothers in a band 

With a bunch of bad plans 

10 years on the grind and no one can stop me

Did my first tour at the age of 15 

You’re not what they want

That’s what they told me 

Nobody in this industry would fuckin touch me

Started this shit and we ain’t lookin back 

Then I signed my name on that mother fuckin contract  



got a line out the back with my boys yeah that’s my shit 

Got a Full house tonight yeah you know shit gonna get lit 

And it goes on and on and on 

Yeah We can never stop 

On and on and on 

Catch us comin up 


No flesh on the bone 

Yeah we bleed for this

Let the record show We were never handed shit 

let’s get it  


So, back up when I walk you don’t mean shit

I just wanna throw you off in the deep end

Another punk ass bitch wanna talk down

You won’t ever even lay a foot on where I walk now

To the ones that have tried to hold me back

Here’s a big fuck you til my pulse is flat

I’m coming for their heads that’s a guarantee

I’m someone you will never fucking be


Roll that spliff 

Smoke that shit 

Fuck that bitch 

Fuck your cliq

Whos got the last laugh now




Come so far from then 

You’ll never stop us now 

That’s what’s up bitch


And we aint takin shit from nobody


I done crossed my T’s and dotted my I’s 

I done stepped on the bus and railed those lines

Fuck with us we’re comin up

Yo bring that back

Drop it



Gather round 

The myth has been sold

The truth is far out 

From what you’ve been told 

Love lost 

No cost

It’s what’s meant to be 

The ones I once held close now 

Crucify me 


All around 

Trumpets sound

You know what it’s about 

My name starts in your ear

And then slithers out your mouth

No facts

But hop on

Shove your finger in my face if that’s what gets you off bitch


Through the halls my children sing

Crucify me 


For They know not of what they do

So blindly 


when he saw that Jesus was condemned, he felt remorse and returned the pieces of silver to the priests and the elders. “I have sinned,” he said, “for I have betrayed innocent blood.” “What is that to us?” “That’s your responsibility.”


Thats yours to keep

when my face meets the flesh you run

And turn the other cheek 


Let me spit real for a moment 

Talk a lot of shit but don’t say none in public 

Save face so you turn your fuckin back 

Face the facts 

Motherfucker I paid for that 



And you aint paid for shit

You broke ass bitch 


Gather round 

The myth has been sold

The truth is far out 

From what you’ve been told 

Love lost 

No cost

It’s what’s meant to be 

The ones I once held close now 

Can fuckin succ me 


Through the halls my children sing

Crucify me 


For They know not of what they do

So blindly 


Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do

Truly, I say to you, today you will be with me in paradise 

Father, into your hands I rest my spirit 


Father, Father why have you forsaken me

My hands bleed by the words of false prophets

Father your not real but you have taught me

fuck em all let them all keep talking 


I must be the holy ghost

i must have risen

I overcome 

Hear or say what you want 

It makes no fucking difference 

I am the rising sun



We both made mistakes

Wish I could tell you how I feel

being honest living with this is starting to feel

Worse than death


Nothing but silence 

When we’re alone in a room

Wish you were there for me

Wish I was there for you

Never choked up

We got nothin to prove

we both got to much pride

To ask each other what it do


If we could take it back

I wonder if we would

Cause were one in the same

Feeling misunderstood 



When you were step-in to me

And I was step-in to you

Didn’t take that lightly

But this shit was passed down to you to

A cycle of abuse


if we Could live again?

Would it ever end?

Forever doubted


Here we go again.

How the fuck can I prove?

When I look in that goddamn mirror 

And all I see is you 


There is no fear in me

You know that is true

We got the same fucking genes 

There is no fear in you too



raise your hands to me

Be the man of the house

Like he wanted you to be


Nothing but silence

Now we’re alone in a room

But I could never live to tell

All the shit you put me through

You’d probably say the same 

I would never take that from you

But we’ll both just say nothin

Cause that’s what happy families do

Fuck it 


If we could see back then

Would we see the end

Would you lower a fist

Would you make amends

and If im keepin this real

living with this feels

Worse than death


Worse than death

Drinkin alone in my room

Wishin you were there for me

Wishin I was there for you

Got me choked up

what were we tryna prove

In the end we both play the game

And in the end we both lose

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